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Coming Soon: Holiday Gift Guide and Special Features!

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. And She Writes is excited to feature numerous special posts including gift guides, traditions, food and just plain ol' holiday excitement these next two months!

For several weeks we've been working on our 2020 Holiday Gift Guides, and we can't wait to launch our first edition on Friday! It will be for kids of all ages -- babies, children, tweens and teens! Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll release additional Gift Guides for Women and Men. You don't want to miss these thorough, creative and exclusive lists with photos, reviews and links.

November and December will also feature fun holiday traditions you can share with your family -- food, drinks, snacks and playlists to name a few! We're also hoping to keep our social media channels updated with Black Friday deals, especially on those items we've featured in our Gift Guides. We'll share our favorite small businesses to support while shopping, as well as some year-end charitable giving ideas.

And She Writes is offering weeks of festive, convenient, fun and unique content. We hope this will ease your shopping, introduce you and your family to new traditions and bolster your spirits during a challenging and uncertain time!

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