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I'm Loving the SCOUT + Swig Life Collaboration

So, let's get this out there before I begin. Today's post will be short, sweet and silly!

What I'm loving is a collection of drinkware that is cute, a little expensive and totally unnecessary. However, I believe that "elevating the everyday" can shed some light on these often dark times. So, I will share a few of my favorite pieces from this new drinkware collaboration in case you're looking for a way to "enjoy the little things" for around $30.

Swig Life is a drinkware brand that I noticed at a local grocery store several months ago because of it's colorful designs.

What I found attractive is that their products are insulated and dishwasher safe! There are wine cups, coffee mugs and water bottles. They also have specialty items like champagne flutes and reusable straws. Even the lids are color coordinated!

After a few weeks of hanging at our neighborhood pool with my beverages just cooking in their neoprene coozies, I thought I could certainly "elevate my everyday" pool experience with a fancy insulated cooler. I looked at Yeti, RTIC and Brumate, but I kept coming back to these new SCOUT+Swig mashup versions.

According to their website, "The SCOUT brand is known for their colorful, durable, versatile bags that are designed with you, and your family, in mind. With nautical, beach and whimsical nature-themed patterns, the new SCOUT + Swig Life collaboration is sure to bring fun and function to all your favorite activities."

So, I placed the nautical one in my shopping cart on the Swig Life website (it perfectly matches a SCOUT bag that I use for the pool), and then continued poking around. I found a few additional gifts I needed for some upcoming celebrations, and joined the Swig Life Perks. Let's just say that by the end of my perusing of the site, I had almost earned myself a free item! And sometimes at checkout, I've learned that you may be able to add an additional item at a significant discount--hint, hint.

You do need to be a bit gentle with these items, as the design may become scratched with heavy use. I'd probably stick with a trusty Yeti for keeping coffee hot, say, on a camping trip.

Cheers to the weekend! And if you know any golfers, I'm pretty sure this AM+PM Set would be well received...

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