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Monday Musings: 22 for 22

I'm several years into Gretchen Rubin's annual project to create a list of goals. This year, it will be 22 goals for 2022. More about this process and project can be found in last year's post.

It always takes me about a month to develop the full list, and I usually don't share all of them on the blog. However, I'm over halfway into my list, and I wanted to share a bunch of them here. It holds me accountable and I always benefit from learning about others' initiatives for the year.

22 for 22:

  • Continue to be a better listener. This was a goal last year, and I felt like it was something I worked on. However, I can definitely improve my skills, and so I'm keeping this front and center for 2022.

  • Complete the 30 Day Simplified Challenge. This is a January goal, and I'm halfway through. I've been sharing snippets from the Simplified account in our Instagram stories, and I encourage you to following along! It only takes a few minutes a day and really helps begin organizing for the year.

  • Read at least 24 books, including 3 nonfiction/educational. I'm already four books into 2022, so I'm feeling really good about this goal!

  • Complete 2020 and 2021 family photo books. Every year, I create a comprehensive family photo album, usually about 50 pages long. It takes a while to compile the photos, choose favorites and lay out the images in a digital format. Needless to say, I'm a bit behind.

  • Complete three house projects per month. These can be small (new throw pillow) or large (new flooring). Sometimes, this is just cleaning and organizing a hall closet.

  • Shop small businesses first. One goal for this year (and last) is to support local and/or small businesses when I'm shopping. This is especially easy when looking for gifts or home goods.

Again, this is not quite a third of the list, because I'm still generating my 22 goals, and some of them are very boring. I hope this offered a few good ideas to keep you energized, organized and motivated for your best possible 2022.

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