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Monday Musings: Did I accomplish my 22 for 2022?

One of my favorite New Year traditions is to create a list of goals for the upcoming 12 months. I started doing this several years ago when I heard about it on Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast.

To see my full post about 2022 goals, I shared them almost a year ago here. While it is encouraged to go into the year with the plan to complete them all, even Gretchen Rubin never comes close to fully accomplishing them! This year, I didn't even complete half (actually, just 9), but I'm really pleased with the ones I did complete. Here's the highlight:

I kicked off the year by completing Emily Ley's Simplicity Challenge, a daily task to clean and organize your home. I shared much of this through our Instagram feed, and I'm sure the Simplified account will be posting this throughout January again this year. I recommend it for a house reset.

Several of my 2022 goals were health related, including finding a new doctor and starting a better skincare routine. Check! While I didn't achieve my workout goals, I think they need to be a bit more specific and quantifiable. I'm working on this for 2023.

My two monthly goals -- "one creative project" and "one new recipe" -- were both fun and easy to complete. I may continue these into 2023.

One of the biggest routine changes of the year was to put in a load of laundry every day. While of course I skipped a day here or there, and was still overwhelmed with post-vacation laundry days, this was a positive change that I stuck with all year and plan to continue.

A few of the remaining 22 were half completed, and parts will likely carry into 2023. Some of these were poorly-structured goals and therefore hard to complete, and definitely not motivating.

I'll spend the next several weeks filling out my 23 for 2023, and then I'll share the highlights!

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