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Monday Musings: Grateful Heart

After spending Mother's Day with my family, I'm feeling especially grateful for the life I've been blessed with. Although the hard days can be really tough and the good days fill up my cup, motherhood is a daily commitment — there are no days off or scheduled breaks. It's both a blessing and a grind (depending on the day), but it's truly rewarding.

On a walk Sunday evening with my husband, we were reflecting on our more than 16 years of parenthood and nearly 19 years of marriage. We've had some remarkable memories — incredible highs and painful lows. I asked him, "Do you have any major regrets?" He said, "I've thought about that and I don't think so." I told him I felt the same way. I believe we are where we are suppose to be.

Throughout our moves to a new state and to new cities, we've always tried to make the best decisions, and that collection of decisions brought us to where we are today. I love our life, and therefore, I wouldn't change anything. It feels good to recognize this as a mother and as a couple.

Life will continue to throw us curveballs and surprise us with great celebratory moments. I will do the best I can to navigate it all. Today I feel very content, and for that, I'm extremely thankful.

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