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Monday Musings: Holiday Anticipation

I mentioned Friday that I was flooded with holiday email the moment Halloween was over. And while the constant bombardment of retail opportunities makes the holiday feel more and more commercialized every year, I think the thrill of anticipation lasting a full two months is actually pretty fun. Why not let the excitement and enjoyment last longer?

There are so many ways to enhance the anticipation of the holidays without focusing on the retail side of things. And while I do enjoy shopping for just the right gift, I don't think it deserves top billing this time of year!

So, in keeping with my emphasis on enjoying special experiences while my kids are still young, I'm sharing a few ways I'm hoping to enhance the holidays this year.

  1. Holiday decor for my kids' rooms. Colored lights for nighttime reading are so festive!

  2. Visiting a local light display

  3. Updating our kitchen letterboard with kitschy holiday messages

  4. Holiday themed pizzas - like a tree shaped crust with pepperoni ornaments

  5. Holiday movie nights--this is my favorite!

  6. Family and friend gatherings with a festive theme

  7. Cookie decorating is a family tradition, and we actually took a class this past year so we're especially ready!

  8. Music; I'm not quite ready for this, but starting Thanksgiving weekend, I'm all ears.

  9. Seasonal games and toys, like themed legos, puzzles and bingo.

I'll share the list on social media, so please add your ideas in our comments! The more the...merrier!

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