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Monday Musings: How did I do in 2022?

I started last year with the intention to focus more on my health, and overall, I achieved success in measurable ways.

As I mentioned in my reflection a few weeks ago, I adjusted my diet and I'm now avoiding significant food sensitivities. I'm feeling better and sleeping better. I also completed a goal I've been toying with for 10 years — I finished my first half-marathon (and had a lot of fun on race day)! I also formed a few other good habits in 2022 — I go to bed earlier and I'm on my phone less in the evening.

This year I'm focused on connectedness, but I hope to continue to prioritize my health. In 2023, my goal is to complete a daily activity that at a minimum is a 20-minute walk. This is to combat my stationary time during my work commute. I also plan to incorporate weight-training into my exercise plan two or three times a week, because I know it has long-term benefits and enhances body composition. I used to bevery committed to strength-training, but for the last few years, I've done more cardio and less weights.

Overall, I'm pleased with my progress to be more healthy in 2022, and I hope to introduce more physical challenges that will make 2023 an even healthier year.

How did you do in 2022?

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