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Monday Musings: Memorable Teachers

Just about every one of us can look back on our years of education and remember those one or two special teachers. They were really challenging, super funny or taught us something special. Maybe they inspired you to push yourself or humbled you at an age when you most needed it. Perhaps, even as a young person, you understood how dedicated they were to their profession.

Many of these types of teachers are memorialized in film and TV, bringing back those fond memories of our pasts. A few of my favorites:

Professor Lupin from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, providing Harry with insight into his unusual reaction to the Dementors, while also serving as a father figure.

Ms. Norbury, from Mean Girls, humbles a group of teenagers who take bullying to a new level of disgusting. Tina Fey is, of course, amazing!

Mr. Belding, the Bayside High Principal, on Saved by the Bell, was memorable for his hands-on approach, moral compass and ability to make some pretty ridiculous mistakes.

As we approach the end of this 2021-2022 school year, do you see teachers who are making this kind of impact in your children's lives? Are you a teacher who is up against all odds trying to impart lessons, knowledge, confidence and resilience? Thank you!

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