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Monday Musings: My Ideal Mother's Day

Let's be real...May is a brutal month for moms of school-age children. It's a relentless schedule of sporting events, end-of-the-year parties, banquets and award ceremonies on top of the everyday chaos. It's quite laughable that Mother's Day is celebrated in what I think is the the second busiest month of the year to December.

I share these honest thoughts in an attempt to set the stage for why I think the hope for and the reality of Mother's Day are worlds apart. If I had a magic wand and could create the ideal Mother's Day this is what it would be...

I'd wake up early to a quiet house and enjoy a cup of coffee in silence with the morning sun shining through our windows. This would require some discipline because I usually get up a little later on Sundays, but always wish I'd taken advantage of the morning silence. About 30 minutes later my husband and three children would awake all happy and smiling. There would be no arguing or bickering over breakfast or fighting among my children as we get ready for church. (Oh the irony of Sunday mornings before church — generally the unholiest hour of the week.)

I'd enjoy a nice long shower without anyone calling my name in urgency. I'd even shave my legs and wear a dress that I haven't been able to fit into for years. Pure magic! Everyone would be ready promptly to leave for church. During Mass, we'd all sit quietly without any dirty looks or huffs and puffs about the extended time of Mass due to the Mother's Day blessing and an unexpected Baptism.

We'd head to a lovely brunch where we'd would converse with each other with kind words and great patience — we'd even discuss our thoughts on the priest's Homily. After this delicious meal, with full bellies, we'd head home.

I'd change into comfortable clothes and then sit on the back porch and read a book I've been wanting to get lost in for months. My children would periodically check on me and ask me if I need or want anything. They'd even to leave the house with my husband to gift me alone time for an hour or two.

Like every Mother's Day, my husband will grill and prepare dinner and everyone would help with the preparations. We'd enjoy yet another peaceful meal before all five of us clear the table and clean-up dinner together. Before the children go upstairs, they'd ask, "do you need me to do anything else?" My heart would melt.

Then before bed, we'd all gather together in the family room to watch TV or a little bit of a family movie that we'd all agree on! Amazing! Then lights out and everyone would close their doors in earnest to start the next week in good moods and with happy hearts.

We can all dream, right?

P.S. I had the approval of my family to share my musings — they appreciate my cheekiness.

P.P.S. I love my family and I have two teenagers...IYKYK!

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