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Monday Musings: Staying Creative

For the last several years, I have followed Gretchen Rubin's example and prepared a list of goals for the upcoming year. This year, I shared my 22 for 22, but have since added another goal that could be fun for some of you as well!

An additional goal this year has been to pursue one creative project each month. I've previously shared my interest in crochet, needlepoint and embroidery, and so I've been working on something new and fun each month. It keeps me busy in the evenings, and provides a welcome diversion from some of the day to day stress of normal life.

There are so many benefits to pursuing some kind of personal artistic endeavor. I shared some of those ideas in a previous post here. It can be everything from challenging (learning new patterns and stitches) to calming (repetition), depending on the project.

Another aspect of aiming for a project each month is that I push myself to start something new even if I could just watch some Netflix and scroll through Instagram. However, these creative projects make me feel more productive and fulfilled. I also enjoy that two of these pursuits (needlepoint and crochet) allow me to watch TV or relax outside with my family too. Alternatively, when I'm working with embroidery, I get almost instant gratification--a new fun gift for a loved one is complete in just a couple of hours.

At the end of the year, I will enjoy looking back at all of the things I've created for my home, family and friends. While these creative pursuits provides distraction and calm on a daily basis, they add to our home and personal enjoyment for the future. Highly recommend if you're looking to set a new goal for the rest of your year!

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