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Monday Musings: Summer Mindset

With about a month to go in the school year, give or take, I'm starting to get in my "summer" mindset. While this takes various forms, every year a few key things happen.

Switching over my closet. At some point in late spring (usually just before Mother's Day), I put away some of my coziest sweaters and wool blazers. I always keep long sleeve t-shirts and pullovers handy, because those can be great on cold summer mornings. I've also found that some of my favorite summer tees are looking threadbare and pilled, so I'm looking for a replacement style. Any suggestions?

Swim Ready. Our family loves the pool in the summer time! We have a great neighborhood of families that gather on summer weekends so the kids can swim and play, then participate in friendly competition through swim team during the week. So, this time of year, we check our towel and goggle collection and get ready!

Landscaping. Mother's Day weekend is when an accomplished gardener once told me it was safe to begin planting. So, this weekend and next are full of yardwork and planting. We did a lot of weeding this weekend, and even planted a few ornamental grasses. I'm hoping to fill decorative pots in the next couple weeks as well. I added some solar lanterns to our porch, and they look great too!

Exercise. With the warmer weather comes a change in the way I approach exercise. I tend to look forward to being outside more, so I increase my walking and biking rather than home-gym workouts. And with the warmer weather, I can usually increase my amount of activity and exercise as well. Yay!

Cooking. I have a few favorite meals that we eat primarily in the warmer months. I enjoy eating big chopped salads this time of year, as the ingredients are tastier and more readily available. We also enjoy some cold pasta salads that make great leftovers. Check out one of our favorites here.

Ready or not, summer is almost here! How does your family change or adapt routines in the warmer, slower months?

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