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Monday Musings: Thankful Project

My family has much to be thankful for, and I intend for all five of us to openly express our gratitude this year.

The "jar of thankfulness" activity isn't a new concept, but for the first time my family is implementing it. In the past, at our Thanksgiving dinner table, each of us shared what we were thankful for in the last year. It's always been a special time to feel the importance and significance of the day. Now that we have two teenagers and a soon-to-be middle schooler, practicing gratitude over the course of a couple weeks feels more meaningful.

I have placed the jar in our kitchen. Any one of us can drop a note of thankfulness in it from now until Thanksgiving Day. At the holiday dinner table, we will take turns reading the notes out loud.

We all become busy and forget to reflect on what fills our heart with thankfulness. I want to spend the next few weeks focusing on what brings our family peace, love and joy. My hope is that the active practice of thanksgiving will foster positivity and centeredness.

As I type this, I'm feeling thankful for the good health and well-being of my family, the cooler weather, long runs in our tree-lined neighborhood and e-books.

What fills your heart with gratitude and joy?

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