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Monday Musings: Travel Comfort

As we enter a traditional vacation season, we wanted to share our thoughts on traveling in comfort. The amenities of home combined with the surrounding allure of the destination can make for a perfect trip! We thought we'd share some of our biggest wins when it comes to staying comfy, and hopefully these tips will make your next trip a success!

Vacation Rentals - Vacation rentals (like those from VRBO or Airbnb) can provide some of the most essential comforts of home, especially when traveling with extended family or children. Things like a full refrigerator, a coffee pot, extra bathrooms and an outdoor relaxing area can provide additional square feet and creature comforts.

Extra hooks- When traveling--from European cities to Florida beaches--you can never have too many hooks to hang towels, dry swimsuits or keep purses off the floor. These are a great find that packs easily into a suitcase!

Time - We like to reserve early, pack early, leave early and arrive early. It alleviates stress and allows for a detour if you leave something behind or need a snack break on the way to your destination.

Layers - No matter where you're headed, there can be humid Ubers or overly air conditioned restaurants. Wearing layers while traveling is always a good idea! Toss your extra cardigan in your tote bag if you don't need it, but you may just be glad it's there. Bonus if it's wrinkle-free (suggestions welcome)!

Comfort, for you and your travel mates, can mean happier vacations!

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