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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Costco Haul

An update from this earlier post here seems warranted, since Costco occasionally changes their items and COVID has impacted all kinds of products! So, I'm sharing with you what I buy frequently and can typically find in my local Costco these days:

Red Wine - I find quality bottles for just under $10.

Apples - a five pound bag of organic apples is still a steal compared to the local grocery store!

Rotisserie Chicken - eat half for one meal, and then use the pulled chicken in tacos for the next. Delish (and cheap)!

Coconut Water - The organic, single-serve bottles of coconut water are a good buy and seem well-stocked.

Coffee - If you're not picky, there's always a two pound of whole bean coffee under $20.

Maple syrup- This is a well-known Costco item. I swear my children must drink it because I replace it so frequently!

Organic Applesauce - The price has gone up on some of the brands, but there's often a sale, and it still seems to be readily available.

Organic Black Beans - These come out to less than $1 per can, and we use them in tacos, salads, veggie bowls and with eggs.

Chicken Nuggets - If you can't find the Bare variety (which has been out of stock lately for me), we also like the Gluten Free versions.

EVOO - Another Costco staple.

I haven't been able to grab Stuffed Zucchini, Ramen noodles or Perfect Bars lately, but it's still worth a regular trip to pick up all these family favorites!

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