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Tuesday Morning Tidy: July 4th Snacks and More

We are very fortunate to have a great July 4th tradition with friends who live nearby. They also have a backyard with magnificent views of an annual fireworks display. So, every year we gather with our families to enjoy some barbeque and a great evening of celebration. After years of developing traditions, I'm happy to share a few fun ideas for your holiday celebrations.

Sweet Treats - The classic red, white and blue iced cake using strawberries and blueberries for the stars and stripes is a great start. But I recently saw a firework bundt cake on Instagram and thought that was a fun option as well (just Google it)! Rice Krispie treats with star sprinkles mixed in is yet another option. In a pinch, just pick up a cookie cake from the grocery store, and you're set!

Potluck - If everyone is contributing to the meal, consider bringing one of AndSheWrites' favorites. Check out some Summer Recipes or this light Couscous Salad.

Glow Sticks - The kids love these. The more the merrier; they create frisbees to throw and crazy necklaces with the glow sticks and connectors. You can find them at dollar stores and Target's dollar spot.

Water Fun - It's inevitably hot and sunny on July 4th, so we rely on water fun, including water balloons, water guns and sprinklers to keep the kids cool until the sun goes down.

Playlist - If you can't hear the soundtrack to go with the fireworks display, you'll need to create your own. This is fun throughout the evening or while you're party-prepping to get you in the spirit. Here's our summer playlist, but you can find canned July 4th lists on both Spotify and Amazon Music.

And with that, we hope you can enjoy this upcoming holiday to the fullest!

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