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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Summer Capsule Wardrobe Update

If you've been reading our posts for awhile, you know that I love the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe. While the hybrid work lifestyle means that I actually have a lot more casual attire than I used to, I still try to maintain a fairly neutral and flexible wardrobe that works in a variety of scenarios.

As a reminder, here are some key rules for capsule wardrobe shopping:

  • Get rid of anything that doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in a year.

  • Stop chasing sales.

  • Create a list of needs for the upcoming season, focusing primarily on staples.

  • Identify 1-2 trendier items that may not need to be super high-quality.

The items I'm sharing are at a higher price point than some of our trendy Amazon finds, since this is all about finding closet staples that will last for years to come.

A few months ago (off season), I picked up a pair of black linen wide-leg crop pants from Talbots. They are everything--dressy, machine-washable, classy and comfortable!

Since a capsule wardrobe generally revolves around classic colors like black, navy, beige, white and gray, these basic summer pants are a great addition to my lineup. They don't carry them in black right now, but navy, white or beige would also be capsule-friendly.

I'm currently looking for a pair of beige/khaki pants for my capsule. I have a few requirements for these pants, and so far haven't found anything that meets my all of my needs--machine washable, medium high waist and petite ankle length. I really wish JCrew was carrying their Jamie or Holland pant in this color.

These are the closest I've found to what I'm looking for, but would still like something a bit dressier:

I'm also looking for black heels that are both comfortable and closed-toe. These would be everyday shoes that don't need to be especially dressy but also provide good support. I'm eyeing these from Birkenstock. The heel is taller than I normally wear and they're pricey, so I'm still thinking about them.

As I mentioned, I do always consider one or two trendy items each season, and this jacket might have to be my exception. If you watch Emily in Paris, this reminds me of all the great fashion moments from the show. And we've already covered that I'm mad for plaid!

It's a limited list, but I try to stay pretty targeted with my seasonal staples. If you're looking for other capsule wardrobe posts, check them out here!

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