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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Top ROI for Organizing

It's the new year--time for a fresh start and organizing for a more productive 2024! If you have the organizing bug right now, I'm sharing my tips for the areas in your home with the top return on your investment of time.

Some tips:

  • Take everything out. This creates an initial mess but will make the process so much more effective. Don't skip this step!

  • Create toss, move, and donate piles for each zone. This way, you're not running around the house while trying to complete your main task.

  • Wait until after you organize to purchase any organizing tools. By waiting to see what you really need, you'll identify where any organizers will make the biggest impact, rather than trying to use a box/bin just because you have it handy.

Bedroom Closet - This is probably the area with the most impact on your life. You use this space every single morning minimally, so tackling this space will be very rewarding. I organized my side of our master closet this last week, and I'm so pleased every time I walk in, not to mention the improved functionality.

Under the Sink - This might be your bathroom sink, kitchen sink or utility sink...or all of them if you're feeling really ambitious. It's also an area where you may benefit from some organizing equipment.

Mud Room/ Drop Zone - This is the most chaotic area of our house, with everything from soccer cleats to laundry detergent to hats and gloves. It gets messy very quickly, but an annual cleanout can help reset it and improve its functionality. This is a space where hooks and baskets can be very helpful!

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

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