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What I'm Loving: Classic Summer Movies

When we're ready for movie night in our house, we often go back to our own childhood and teenage years for inspiration. While there may be some inappropriate references that don't stand the test of time (and weren't appropriate to begin with), these films' stories and characters depict what feels like a simple time.

  1. Sandlot - Love this for summer and for kids.

  2. Rookie of the Year - We watched this with our kids recently, and I realized I had never seen it. It definitely felt like a different era, with the kids having freedom to meander around a big city by themselves. Not very realistic, but a lot of fun!

  3. Dirty Dancing - I didn't really get this one until I was older, but it sticks with you! Total 1980's vibes.

  4. Parent Trap - I watched the Hayley Mills version when I was growing up, and my kids watch the Lindsay Lohan version. They make me want to go off to summer camp!

  5. Jaws - This is the classic summer thriller. Maybe don't watch it right before heading to the beach, though.

If lines like "You're killin' me Smalls" or "We're gonna need a bigger boat" mean something to you, then you too are probably a fan of the classic summer movie! As we wind up Summer 2023, one of these may be perfect for this weekend.

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