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What I'm Loving: TatoBug Stitching

One of my favorite new products are the hats from TatoBug Stitching!

All summer, this woman-owned business has been creating the cutest letter applique hats. Better than that, they are custom made for each order! I have a red one, and each of my kids has one, too. They are a go-to item for all of us, and I get compliments every time I wear mine.

Brand new for winter are custom embroidered beanie hats! I think that their Kelly Green with a typewriter font name would be sharp for any kiddo waiting at the bus stop on a cold morning. Maybe the whole hockey team needs a hat with their team name on it!

If you're interested in either item-- Christmas gift, possibly?- -follow TatoBug Stitching on Instagram. Every few weeks, she opens up ordering and sells out fast!

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