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What I'm Loving: World Market Table

I may have mentioned this in a past post, but we've been looking for a small round table to go in the back corner of our family room for about a year. In February 2020, we purchased a set of Axis couches from Crate & Barrel. Once they were in the space, we knew we had a nice area behind the love seat for a game/puzzle/laptop table.

After measuring, I decided that 36" would be about the right size. However, because there is a back door leading to the patio next to this table, we might occasionally need to make the table smaller. Now, we don't regularly use this back door, but if were to have a large gathering, we might want to leave it open for guests to use. So, that begged the question--do we get a smaller table (say 30") or do we try to find something that folds down?

Needless to say, I just wasn't finding a lot of options in the 30" range that I liked, and it seemed almost too small to be able to use for a lot of games and puzzles. So, I put the search off for awhile.

One night, while scrolling on Instagram, the Jozy Drop Leaf Table from World Market popped up in my feed. It is a pretty, round, 36" pedestal table in a gray wood finish that coordinated well with our room. In addition, I could see immediately that the sides dropping down to console size would solve the problem of door access.

The next morning, I ordered one from our closest World Market (the last one in stock), and headed over to check out the floor model and then take it home. I was pleased with what I saw in the store, and I headed home with my new purchase.

A few days later, I rolled out of bed and down the stairs, and found the table assembled (thanks to my early-bird husband) and looking perfect in the spot behind the couch! It has levels in the pedestal feet and the construction is solid.

I'm now anxiously awaiting delivery of the two Jozy chairs to go with it, and then deciding if I want to:

  1. purchase a third Jozy chair in the store (they sell singles in store, but not online),

  2. if I go with a full second pair, or

  3. if I mix it up with a pair of coordinated (but not matching) chairs.

Decisions, decisions!

I also purchased these comfy cushions to break up the wood in this corner. World Market really came through for this little corner of our home!

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