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Monday Musings: A New Phase in Our Home

I've recently found myself in a place with my house where there are very few major projects in our near future. I may have a sink in my office right now, but once that's in and we've installed the backsplash, I really think we've reached the end of a years-long list of updates we had for our home.

Now, that's not to say we won't have regular maintenance, since our house is well over 30 years old. We know there are a few small windows to replace and some worn bedroom carpeting, but those are one-day projects, and nothing we'd DIY.

So, I'm really in this kind of magical place where all the things I'd dreamed of for our house when we moved in are kind of...well...complete. It's a pretty strange feeling, actually. It's a new phase for us, and one we've never experienced.

With that said, our tastes will evolve and our needs will change. Things will become worn and new products will appear. However, this all feels like the icing on a very long and tedious cake!

I used to lay in bed at night before falling asleep and mentally walk through each room, listing out the things I wanted to change or fix. I did this instead of counting sheep, and it became a routine for me. One night recently, I started this mental routine, and found myself with very few things within each space that I'd want to change, and instead tried to envision what each room looked like when we first moved in. It was remarkable.

I look forward to our home's evolution as it continues, because it really is exactly that...our home. We've changed every wall color (some of them several times), every light fixture, installed all new window treatments, purchased much new furniture, and welcomed one of our children as a newborn into this home. It's often messy and frequently very loud (as neighborhood kids run and shout throughout), but it's always comfortable. It's evolved from our house into our home, and it's a luxury to sit back and enjoy it.

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