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Monday Musings: Broadway is Back!

We both love going to the theater and enjoying Broadway shows and touring productions. In honor of Broadway reopening on September 14th, we're sharing a few of our favorite shows.

Hamilton - We've both seen it live and love it. It's amazing on Disney+ as well for those who can't make it to the live show or are missing the theater experience due to COVID. The dancing and set designs are incredible!

Come From Away - This is a wonderful musical about planes full of travelers stuck in a small town in Newfoundland following the 9-11 attacks. The soundtrack is on Amazon Unlimited!

Wicked - Always a favorite. Need to clean your house? Blast some Wicked, and it won't seem like such a chore! "Defying Gravity" is a song for the soul!

The Lion King - This a great production for the entire family. The make-up, costumes and music are amazing. You'll want to sit near the aisle on the lower level because the cast travels from the back of the theater to the stage at the beginning of the show and after intermission. It's awesome!

Aladdin - Another fantastic production. The Genie is hilarious and the magic carpet rides are visual illusions! I enjoyed this one at the New Amsterdam Theatre in NYC a few years ago with my children.

We are thrilled the biggest stage in the Big Apple is reopening! To celebrate, we'll be jamming out to our favorite Broadway soundtracks in the coming weeks!

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