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Monday Musings: Embracing Childhood

This fall, I'm suddenly struck by the sense that my children won't be children forever. There are so many fall traditions that we've carried through the years that I suspect they may grow out of sooner rather than later.

We have always decorated for the holidays, often bake seasonal cookies and attend a party or two with friends and family. I just want to step it up a little bit this year!

So, as I did during the pandemic (when there seemed little to look forward to), I'm fully embracing holidays and seasons--the silliness, nostalgia, food and decor. I'm making a dedicated commitment to them, because these next few years will speed by, and I want all of us to remember these moments with fondness! I'm in the process of making a list of ways to embrace the next 12 months through each season.

I'm starting with silly quotes and phrases on our kitchen letterboard. I find these on Pinterest and Instagram, and they always make me smile! I also purchased LED lights for each of their bedrooms--candy corn and ghosts to be precise. For under $15, they set the Halloween mood and are just plain fun.

Over the next month, I'm hoping to make a fall/Halloween themed breakfast on the weekend and watch a Halloween movie. We may even squeeze in a trip to the farmers' market to grab pumpkins or mums.

I'm already starting my Winter, Spring and Summer lists--making small additions to expand these childhood moments that suddenly feel so fleeting.

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