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Monday Musings: Embracing New Technology

It's ironic that I write this the day after my work computer stopped working. We plan these posts well in advance, and I scheduled myself to write about embracing new technology weeks ago! And now I fully expect to "embrace" a new laptop later this week.

Embracing new technology is an essential part of our lives. Between remote work, kids' activity apps, event tickets, music subscriptions, streaming and so much more, it is a regular part of our existence. However, it doesn't cease to amaze me how reluctant I can still be to embrace new technology. Even when it feels daunting, I'm often so happy with the tool after I use it that I wonder why I hesitated for so long. There are a number of reasons why we continue to embrace technology, even when we are adamant we don't want or need it.

Often, we are forced to embrace new technology. An old device or piece of equipment stops working and the replacement typically has new features that push us out of our comfort zone. In my current situation, I will be required to get a new laptop that will likely be updated. Recently, one of my hard drives full of family photos crashed, and I spent hours working through new recovery software to retrieve them. Thank goodness for that!

Other times, we need some type of technology to make something possible. A recent example was a project I needed to complete for work. It required some "drag and drop" design, but nothing to the extent that a graphic designer needed to be involved. In addition, I knew we'd have to make regular updates to the project, and it would be handy to design it in a platform which we could access. Enter...Prezi. It's an online design tool that makes drag and drop design easy, featuring templates and fonts for all kinds of projects.

The preferred kinds of new technology experiences typically take place when we are seeking out a tool to enhance our lives. Online recipe storage like Pinterest or photo printing like Chatbooks make our lives easier. They simplify what might otherwise be an arduous task. This is when technology becomes our friend and we most appreciate it!

So, as we navigate 2022, know that you and I will all embrace new technology, either by necessity or choice. It's a given, and often comes when we least expect it. We will continue to share new apps, podcasts and tools that we find beneficial, with the hope that you too might embrace them and find helpful resources!

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