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Monday Musings: Loving Jane Austen and Sanditon is Back!

My love of Jane Austen began in high school. By the end of college, I’d read all of her books and was pretty much hooked on the entire era of 19th century fiction. In grad school, I studied English literature with a focus on this time period, starting with Austen and continuing to George Eliot, the Brontes, Louisa May Alcott and Elizabeth Gaskell.

While I’m a total Pride and Prejudice fan girl, what I appreciation most about Austen now is that the novels helped launch me to the next level in literature, one of more critical study.

I'm sharing my feelings about Jane Austen in honor of for this week’s release of the third season of Sanditon on Masterpiece! Sanditon was Austen's final work, and an unfinished one that is now being creatively explored through this series. I can’t wait to learn more about Charlotte and the Parkers, Miss Lambe and the Denhams, and all the characters I've grown to love (or not, as the case may be). It can be enjoyed at a very surface level for the romantic storylines and lovely scenery, and appreciated for the deeper themes of labor challenges and racism.

Sadly, this will be the final season. Get your popcorn ready!

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