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Monday Musings: Our Trip to WaterColor, Florida

Last month our family traveled to WaterColor, Florida, for our first visit to the darling, family-friendly beach town on the famous 30A. For those of you who may be considering travel soon, I recommend adding WaterColor to your list of possibilities.

Although February is the off-season and the weather was a little cool during our visit, we had a great time enjoying the area. We traveled with another family who we have kept in our inner circle during this last year as we socially distance. We stayed in a beautiful, large rental house, but enjoyed the wonderful amenities -- pools, beach, spa & bar -- at the WaterColor Inn & Resort just a few minutes away. The heated swimming pools were one of these lovely amenities.

The lazy river at the WaterColor Inn & Resort.

Like with most places along 30A, I highly recommend renting bikes. We biked to nearly every place on the property. All the kids enjoyed this aspect of the trip, and it was a fun way to take in the area while exercising. WaterColor is designed for biking so we had few concerns about hitting the streets and paths with our large crew. One of our favorite excursions was to the food trucks for lunch.

We enjoyed a sand castle building class on the beach. It was educational, fun and lasted a few hours. Our instructor was patient with us and taught us several tips for the next time we try to build a sand castle on our own. We are impressed with our final creation. What do you think?

WaterColor is definitely a place we want to visit again. It was relaxing to go when the crowds were light, but we'd like travel there again during the warmer months to really get the complete beachy town feel.

Lastly, one of our favorite aspects of the stay was our rental house!

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