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Monday Musings: Taking a Moment

Today's thoughts are brief.

There is a lot going on in the world right now. News coverage this weekend included the horrors of war, mass shootings, and natural disasters. It can be overwhelming to see what may be affecting your neighbors, friends, loved ones or even strangers in other parts of the world. Often, it feels like there is so little you can do.

I make every effort to be aware of current events and I do not turn away from the realistic complications of our world. However, I often use weekends to take a step back and focus on my children, family and the bright moments in our lives. These are the things that I appreciate amidst so much tragedy and worry--the simple joy of winning a youth sporting event or finishing a good book.

We started a new craft project this weekend, and spent a lot of time hunched over paper, fabric, glue and scissors. We made memories and talked about all kinds of things. I cooked food that made our house smell warm and welcoming as the weather turned just a bit cooler.

So, for all of these things I got to enjoy this weekend, I am thankful. I am no less impacted by the trauma some are experiencing, but I used this weekend as a "deep breath" moment to soak in some of the good in my orbit.

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