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Monday Musings: Tobey Maguire's Birthday and Movie Remakes by Generation

Today, June 27, is Tobey Maguire's birthday. I know Tobey Maguire primarily because he is "my" spiderman. What does that mean? Why is he "my" spiderman? I'll explain.

from Business Insider

Have you noticed that as iconic movies get remade over and over, each generation identifies the main character by its unique actor. In the example here, Tobey Maguire is "my" spiderman, but my kids identify with Tom Holland. As a family, we like to go back and watch each version of Spiderman.

We've also done this with the different eras of Star Wars. My husband and I remember watching the originals from the 70's as kids, but also identify with the 90's/00's. However, our kids are all about the more current characters on screen, Kylo Ren and Rey. Needless to say, we've watched them all!

If you're looking for some series to enjoy this summer with various generational takes on characters and plot, check these out:

  1. James Bond - From Roger Moore to Daniel Craig, enjoy all the 007s! Though this one might be best left for after the kids go to bed.

  2. The Thomas Crown Affair - If you're in a Pierce Brosnan mood, the 1999 version is great!

  3. The Parent Trap - My kids are total Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap fans, but I grew up watching Hayley Mills.

  4. Cheaper by the Dozen - The Steve Martin version is a family favorite, but I found it because I'd watched the original growing up.

  5. A Star is Born - This one has been remade for multiple generations too!

  6. Beauty and the Beast - I grew up with the animated version, but we have all appreciated Emma Watson as Belle more recently.

So, happy birthday, Tobey Maguire. You really got me thinking! Who is "your" spiderman?

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