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Top Shelf: The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

The Soulmate Equation is the newest release from author duo Christina Lauren. Their books are always well-written and enjoyable, but this is a favorite.

The protagonist, Jess, is a 29 year-old mathematician with a close-knit community around her. She lives in the San Diego area, and is very likable. Right away, I appreciated her smart, independent, imperfect and outspoken personality.

Jess is a single mom to a seven year old daughter, Juno. As a freelancer, she spends a lot of time working out of a little coffee shop. Through an interaction there, she ends up submitting her DNA as part of a new matchmaking project. A variety of funny and spicy scenes follow with includes a "Diamond Match" with an unsuspecting character who also frequents the coffee shop. This scientific match turns into more, which includes swoon and steam.

The Soulmate Equation features fast-moving dialogue, almost like you're watching your favorite sitcom. It's often happening between Jess and her best friend, Fizzy, or coming from her smarty-pants daughter. Either way, it's entertaining!

The story is easy-going and very enjoyable. Until Chapter 12, I found it to be not a page-turner exactly, but rather well-paced, offering points where it felt okay to set it down and walk away. After the midpoint in the book, where the romance takes off, the story moved quickly and I found it hard to walk away.

I highly recommend this for your summer reading list--it's quick, witty and charming. Any parent will sympathize with Jess's internal moments of guilt and the necessity of putting on a happy face.

We hope our giveaway winner is enjoying her copy as well. Happy reading!

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