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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Cocktail Time!

The theme for this year's cocktail is "hot toddy." After the below freezing temps of the last week, I need warm beverages. So, here are a few quick and easy cocktails to keep you cozy this NYE and in the coming days. If you're looking for a more traditional champagne drink, check out last year's NYE cocktail!

Hot Toddy #1:

- Black Tea

- Grand Marnier

I put about a half shot of Grand Marnier into a Yeti tumbler of hot black tea, and it's the perfect beverage for outside activities or a cold evening!

Hot Toddy #2:

- Coffee (Starbuck's Winter Blend is our choice this time of year)

- Bailey's Irish Cream

It's a twist on Irish Coffee that I love! I drink only on vacation and this time of year. Go ahead and top with whipped cream if you've got some.

Hot Toddy #3:

- Hot Apple Cider

- Butterscotch Schnapps

This is another warm beverage that can easily double as dessert. Definitely the sweetest of the three!


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