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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Decorating in 2023

I recently listened to a couple of great episodes from Ballard Design's podcast, How to Decorate. It may strike one as odd to listen to a podcast about something so visual, but it's nice to hear the designers describe things and then visualize them yourself.

Since my podcast mini-binge, I've developed a list of a few knick-knacks and decor bits that I'd like to find throughout 2023. One I already purchased, so I'll share that too! None of these are expensive, and many involve some estate sales or auction bidding, so I'm looking forward to the search almost as much as adding these to our home.

Decorative Storage

I needed a small box to put on the credenza behind my desk for papers or keepsakes that I like to keep near, but don't want cluttering up the space. Some of these are little notes or pictures my children draw, wallet photos from their latest sporting season that I need to hand out to relatives, or recent greeting cards I've received. I found one from Target, and it's neutral and functional, with a linen material and a faux leather handle.


Our house was built with beautiful oak built-ins on either side of the fireplace. For years, I resisted painting them because they were "real" wood. Finally, a designer friend talked me into it, and I could not be happier. They were not a "precious" design of any kind, and with the white backdrop, our meaningful art, photographs and books take center stage. That being said, a few of our decorative items are a bit dated from when we moved in. I have two large glass canisters full of corks, and I think I'd rather find an array of vintage candleholders to replace them. The varying heights and materials would be really pretty in the space. I'm looking forward to perusing these at antique malls and resale shops.

Wall Art

In our dining room is a candle holder that literally hung in Samantha and my college rental! Now, in fairness, it was a Pottery Barn splurge and a nice piece, but I'm really ready for something else. However, I have NO IDEA what I'd like there instead. My husband and I carefully choose everything that goes on our walls, and we have pretty similar tastes. We've got beautiful photographs, special vintage art, custom pieces and artistic maps. I've already got a mirror on an adjacent wall, so that option is out. Hopefully I'll find the right thing in 2023!

Bar Decor

Last year, I shared our biggest DIY to date, our bar. We absolutely love it and use it. It makes entertaining easy, and our main refrigerator is no longer overflowing with beverages. It could use a little sophistication with the decor, though. After listening to Mallory Mathison on the podcast, I was totally inspired! She recommended a little piece of artwork and a small lamp, both of which would look great in our space. We also have the practical requirement of a sunglasses basket being stored in this space, and ours could use an upgrade!

Other things on my radar are a few more low maintenance plants and updating some linens in the kitchens and bathrooms. All fun and fairly inexpensive! If you've got suggestions for great dining room wall art, please send it my way!

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