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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Family-Friendly Couscous Salad

A few years ago, a friend brought a delicious couscous salad to a barbeque we hosted. Since then, we’ve eaten this several times a month, and it has become our default side dish to bring to potluck gatherings! The best thing about this recipe is that with one tweak, it becomes a meal.


- Two boxes garlic and olive oil pearled/Israeli couscous

- One package grape/cherry tomatoes

- One package fresh mozzarella

- A few leaves fresh basil

- 8 oz. bottle Kraft Zesty Italian dressing

- Balsamic vinegar (optional)

- Rotisserie chicken (optional)


Several hours before serving, prepare the couscous according to instructions. It takes awhile to cool, and this is meant to be served cold so the mozzarella won’t melt. After the couscous cools in the fridge, wash and halve the tomatoes. With the fresh mozzarella, pearls will be the best option, and can go right in the bowl. If you cannot locate pearls, any fresh mozzarella will do; just cut into half inch pieces. Rip a few leaves of basil into very small pieces. Add several tablespoons of dressing to taste, and stir. If you like balsamic, a splash or two is plenty. Ta da!

To make a nice, light summer dinner, add a cup or two of rotisserie chicken and a few extra tablespoons of dressing. Enjoy!

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