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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Keeping the Car Clean

We are all a work in progress. For me, keeping my car tidy is one part that has not progressed as much as I might wish. It's not terrible, but it's not great. 

However, I've come up with a livable solution. When I start to notice a pile of stray toys in the backseat, and a larger than normal number of goldfish bags and energy bar wrappers stashed in the doors, I start the "clean out." 

Every time my kids get out of the car, I announce that they need to remove three items--trash, a backpack, sweatshirt, toy--it doesn't matter. 

I myself take a few items out with me as well--an empty coffee mug or those snack bag remnants. 

We repeat this process for a few days, and voila--the car is presentable once again. In terms of time management, we've lost nothing, and we've gained a little order in our surroundings. Since we can spend a good deal of time in the car, especially during the school year, this helps provide some external order to our day. 

We recently purchased a brand new VW Atlas, and we have every intention of keeping it neat and tidy! We keep just a few things in the car at all times, and I consider these essential. Everything else must go (according to the aforementioned plan of attack!).

What We Do Keep in the Car:

  • Automotive Wipes - I love these ones from Target.

  • Masks - we keep a mask for each family member in the console. Old Navy is our go-to.

  • Hand Sanitizer - pick your fave.

  • Chargers - Our new car has a wireless charging spot, but our cases don't cooperate. These USB C lightning cables have been working for us.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. Keep in mind that we link these companies and products because of their quality and not because of the commission we may receive.

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