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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Our Favorite Gifts

We had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. Finding the perfect gift for our kids is absolutely a favorite, but we received a few great gifts too!

Herschel Crossbody Wallet

This Herschel Orion Slim Crossbody wallet is perfect! It holds my phone, all of my cards and a mask no problem. It slides into a bigger bag and takes up no more room than a wallet.

Bombas Socks

They really are great socks! I received another pair this year, from their collaboration with Athleta, and I really like the design.

Book of the Month Subscription

My January book is on its way and I cannot wait to receive it (and read it)! I am thrilled about this gift. It's going to help me tackle my 2022 TBR list and reading goal!

Minnetonka Hardsole Slipper

I had hardsole slippers on my list but hadn't specified a brand or style. I received these Minnetonka moccasins and I love them! They keep my feet warm and offer great support.

What did you receive that you absolutely love? Share with us on Instagram!

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