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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Spicy Corn Dip

This recipe is delicious and it's not very spicy! Whenever I serve it, it gets rave reviews and I'm asked to share the recipe. It's best to make it the night before because it's much more flavorful on day 2 and 3!

Ingredients & Instructions:

- 3 cans of Mexicorn, drained

- 1 can of Original Rotel, drained

- 1 cup of mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip)

- 1 cup of sour cream

- 1 pkg. of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

- 2 green onions, chopped

- fresh cilantro (minced) or dry cilantro to taste

Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl and refrigerate overnight. We like it best with Tostitos Scoops but any tortilla or corn chip will do!


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