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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Summer Fun with Kids

At the beginning of summer, I always make a list of activities to keep the family busy on slow summer days. While our kids are often at camps, and we default to our local pool, there are always days when we're looking for something just a little outside of our routine; activities that don't require tickets or adhering to a schedule. I keep this list handy in my Bullet Journal, for quick reference when we're "bored."

  1. Swimming

  2. Backyard Water Play

  3. Parks

  4. Picnics

  5. Ice Cream/Snow cone outings

  6. Backyard Games - Wiffle Ball, Flashlight Tag

  7. Campout

  8. Stargazing

  9. Gardening

  10. Berry Picking

  11. Farmer's Markets

  12. Day Trips - to the lake or beach (or maybe somewhere cooler)

  13. Hiking

Just don't forget the sunscreen and/or bug spray!

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