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What I'm Loving: Holiday Cocktails

This post was a lot of fun to prepare!

Today, I'm sharing some favorite beverages and cocktails for the holiday season, broken down by time of day and activity with which to enjoy them. I even included a handy mocktail version if you're not interested in imbibing this holiday season!

Breakfast/Christmas Brunch

Mimosas: Slightly more dry champagne than orange juice for the perfect blend. If you prefer an alcohol-free version, substitute lemon sparkling water. Yum!

Bailey's and Coffee: Perfect with Monkey Bread and an egg casserole. And, if you can get your hands on some Starbuck's Winter Blend, even better!


Old Fashioned: Bourbon, Sugar Cube, Bitters, Orange Peel (we only had Cuties around!). We're hoping for a socially distant outdoor (brrrr!) gathering for appetizers this year so we can spend just a little time with family. This would make the perfect cocktail to enjoy in the late afternoon.


Cider: I picked up this cranberry cider at Trader Joe's recently. It's perfect for the holidays, and not overly sweet. If you can't find this one, the Irish cider Mangners is also a good choice. Moose mug optional.

Beer: This specialty seasonal Bourbon County Stout is a favorite of the men in my family.

After Dinner

Cider and Butterscotch Schnapps: After the kids are in bed, enjoy a quick and easy warm beverage to end the evening.

What is your favorite winter cocktail? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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