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What I'm Loving: Ikea Favorites and a Day with Mom

October is a favorite month for so many reasons, not the least of which is my birthday. And for the last several years, I've taken at least one day off of work to spend the day with my Mom. Because there really is no better birthday gift than a mother-daughter day out!

We usually start the day with a special late breakfast at a restaurant that would not typically interest others in our family. We drink wayyyyy too much coffee and treat ourselves to towers of loaded pancakes or overflowing egg skillets. It's the best. And then--once our bellies are full--we shop.

We've done boutique shopping, and we both feel good about supporting small businesses in our city. Some of my favorite October mornings, though, have been spent meandering around the behemoth that is Ikea. I typically arrive with a list, but happily deviate as we stroll through the giant warehouse. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite purchases from these great days with Mom.

  • Dishcloths - If you are in the store, you can pick up a package of these reusable dishcloths in the kitchen gadget area. They are soft and come in seasonal designs.

  • Risatorp Basket - This all-purpose basket is pretty enough to use as decor and large enough to store all kinds of things!

  • Oumbarlig Pot - I love this little pot. It heats up quickly and is easy to clean.

  • Dvala Sheets - These are great, because you can purchase just what you need. My kids don't love a top sheet, so i can purchase just a fitted sheet and pillowcases.

  • Kallax with Branas baskets - I love these cube baskets; they fit perfectly in the Kallax and elevate its style a bit. The price is right, too! These would likely be $5-$10 more if you purchased something similar anywhere else.

  • Fjadrar Down Pillow Inserts - These are a great Ikea find. They are a standard size and work with all kinds of covers. I've had the Gurli covers in white for years, and they still look great!

  • Wrapping Paper - Ikea wrapping paper is a hidden secret! It's really high quality, very inexpensive, and comes in sets of coordinated colors and patterns. Since I often go in October, I can stock up on holiday wrapping.

  • Borrby Lanterns - We have one each of the large and small, in black. They look great on the patio with strands of twinkle lights.

While taking a day off is not really in the cards right now, with everyone working and learning from home, I have a few items on my list for our next shopping trip!

  • Bygglek Lego storage - This is a new partnership for Ikea, and I am definitely intrigued!

  • Snidad Basket - I'm always on the hunt for baskets to store blankets and toys around the house. This one is beautiful and large!

  • Lillhult USB charger - We keep these everywhere for charging our many devices. This one is pretty.

Have a great weekend, one filled with heaps of pancakes and online shopping! And don't forget to subscribe for more of these favorite things right in your inbox.

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