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What I'm Loving: The Everymom and The Everygirl

The Everygirl Media Group is pushing out some quality info! Nothing earth shattering here--these two sites have been around awhile and have grown to a pretty sizable staff. I continue to be impressed by their relevant content and quality information, and with a New Year in front of us, the material may provide just the right inspiration.

The Everygirl blog has content for women, specifically women in their 20's and early 30's. Though I'm past that age, I find articles every week that still appeal to me. Content areas include Career, Wellness, Fashion, Travel and much more. Articles are often written in the form of lists, such as "7 Things You Should Clean Out From Your Closet." If you've enjoyed our features on capsule wardrobes and favorite books, there will be welcome content for you on The Everygirl.

I recently discovered The Everymom blog, a companion site for the next stage of life. Content on wellness and fashion are prevalent here as well, but with the busy mom in mind. The list-style articles feature appropriate topics such as "Toddler Books Celebrating Diversity" or "The Funniest Parenting Truths From Our Favorite Holiday Movies." This site has a handful of 2-minute reads (perfect for a busy mom) and has plenty of ideas for women at every stage of the parenting journey.

In light of what happened in our country this week, I also really appreciated the opinion piece from The Everymom editor, Thao Thai, entitled "A Letter to My Daughter as I Watch the News Today." My own children had so many questions about what they glimpsed on the TV--breaking glass and angry faces--and it was comforting to hear from another mother who was struggling.

Both sites offer free inspirational tech backgrounds and fun shopping lists. If you enjoy the And She Writes content, I really think you will find some good resources here, too. You may find yourself down the wormhole of book lists or home tours, but you'll likely walk away with some great nuggets too.

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