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What I'm Loving: Young House Love Has a Podcast

I’ve already shared the value of Laura Vanderkam’s podcasts in a previous post, and I’m back today to share another podcast.

Young House Love Has a Podcast is from the team of Sherry and John Petersik, writers of the long-running design blog Young House Love. They started their blog in 2007 with a starter home and their DIY backyard wedding. It was a way for them to share their progress with friends and family, especially those living away from them. They were young (obviously), without kids and working full time jobs. Since then, they’ve renovated multiple homes (including vacation rentals), had two children, become full time bloggers, authored two books (here and here) and recently moved from Virginia to Florida.

I’ve been reading their blog for several years, and it has often provided a source of inspiration as we’ve updated our own homes. Even on the rare occasions when they’ve done something stylistically that I would not have chosen, their tutorials and explanations are helpful for applying to our own projects. They are also great writers with backgrounds in the marketing space, so their content is fun to read! They’ve appeared in numerous design magazines, and remained successful even after dialing back their blog several years ago to focus on family and other projects.

When they started their podcast, I admit that I wasn’t sure how the design space would translate to the audible format. However, their great personalities and smart banter are genuinely entertaining! In addition, their podcast notes provide the necessary visual information to supplement the audio. They share all kinds of things they enjoy in their personal lives (especially as parents) beyond interior design, and they do a nice job interviewing other professionals and filling in with fun segments like quizzes and product reviews.

If you’re new to Young House Love, you can check out their website here. It is a treasure trove of design ideas, DIY tips and product information. Their podcast is great from day one, so I’d start at the beginning and enjoy the hours of entertainment!

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