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And She Writes' 600th Post!

You read that right — we've posted 600 times! Fay and I launched And She Writes in June 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Since then, we've consistently published posts three times a week, and we're proud of our ability to stay engaged with our audience and provide meaningful content throughout this time!

And She Writes began as a way to build a community and share thoughtful and meaningful content with women and moms. We've met our original goal, but also grew our scope, knowledge and excitement for what we can provide women who are looking for a fun new product, their next favorite book, the perfect gift for a family member or an organizing tip that might enhance their life in a small but effective way.

To honor this significant milestone, I'm spending time on And She Writes re-reading posts and searching for inspiration on how to bring more relatable and relevant content to this space. Please join me by reading posts from our regularly featured topics: Monday Musings

Top Shelf We've loved this journey and we're always seeking ways to enhance our work. If you're interested in serving as a guest writing or have a topic you'd love for us to explore, please send us an email at Thank you for your readership and support!

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