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Monday Musings: 22 for 2022 Progress Update

Back in January, I shared an overview of my 22 goals for 2022, here.

Overall, in reviewing my goals this year, I'm realizing some of them are not very measurable, so it's difficult to determine whether or not I completed them. In the future, I might consider making "SMART" goals. Or, I'll continue this way with the understanding that I can't exactly check them all off as finished.

Completed Goals

  1. 30 Day Simplicity Challenge - I completed this back in January, and it was a good way to launch the new year with routine and organization.

  2. Complete photo books - I completed the 2020 family album, but have yet to start on 2021.

  3. Three house projects per month - This is a goal every year, and I've been successful through May. We've added some art, garage organization, painted things and accessorized.

  4. New Doctor - My primary care physician moved to a specialty, so I needed to find a new doctor. I did this earlier in the spring. Check!

  5. Daily Laundry - I found myself drowning in laundry on the weekends. So, earlier this year, I decided to throw in one load every day. For the most part, I've been sticking to this, and it's working really well.

  6. New Skincare Routine - As I've gotten older, I've needed to up my skincare game. I finally settled on a daily routine for both morning and evening, and my skin (and wrinkles) look better!

So, clearly that is nowhere near 22 completed goals. I have a long way to go with just half a year left! Still on the list are some goals in progress, including:

- updating kitchen countertops

- shop small businesses first

- workout 3 days/week

And then there are those goals that I have still not yet started, like having a family picture taken.

I'll share an update at the end of the year. How are you progressing on your Word of the Year, your New Year's Resolutions or your 22 for 2022?

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