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Monday Musings: 23 for 2023

I'm wrapping up the development of my 23 for 2023, and wanted to share some of my goals for the year. This is a great annual tradition, and I enjoy working towards each of them throughout the next 11.5 months.

  1. Hit 100 workouts on the Peloton

  2. Finish kitchen updates (more on that here)

  3. Continue reading 2+ books per month

  4. One creative project per month

  5. Go somewhere new for vacation

  6. Research and purchase a new laptop

  7. Catch up on family photo books (this continues from last year)

I'm still working on filling out the rest of my goals, with several continuing from last year, and recording it in my bullet journal (of course). There is no expectation or pressure to hit 100%, but I enjoy the process of accomplishing throughout the year.

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