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Monday Musings: Mid-Year Check-In

We're halfway through 2021. January feels like days ago, yet at the same time, it's a distant memory. I began the new year with plenty of optimism and declared my word for the year -- resiliency. The important am I doing?

Overall, I'm fairing well. I could practice the art of being resilient with more intentionality. But, I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at the end of 2020. Much of my success is due to life starting to look like it did prior to 2020 thanks to the development of successful vaccinations and their distribution.

So, how have I exhibited resiliency? My children finished the school year strong and I am proud of all of us. I refrained from worrying about the small stuff and tried to focus on the big picture. My oldest two children returned to school in February. By April, they were attending four full days a week. Happy to be with their peers, I didn't fuss about the school assignments, projects and state testing. Our goal was to find balance and peace.

Our April and May calendars filled up quickly. It felt like their schools and activities tried to fit in a semester's worth of events in less than eight weeks. Most years I dread May for its mad dash to the end of the school year. This spring, we had our challenges (which included moving into a new house), but I really tried to overcome my anxiety. I experienced difficult days, but overall, I'm pleased with how I took it all in stride (most of the time).

On New Year's Day I purchased a lucky bamboo plant to represent the human's ability to endure and overcome life's obstacles.

This picture compares the plant on January 1 (left) to its appearance today (right). My assessment -- it's grown, took some hits (the move to a new house and a couple long stints without water), but it's still alive. A microcosm of my life the last six months.

I'm determined to build on these successes and looking forward to experiencing growth and resiliency in the second act of 2021!

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