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Monday Musings: My Word for 2022

"You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people." - Unknown

It's 2022! I'm trying to temper any expectations for the new year as I've learned my lessons from 2020 and 2021. For 2022, I want to focus on my personal wellbeing. My word for this year is health.

Last year, my goal was to practice resiliency. Overall, I think I achieved this more than years prior. For one, my life got messier in the last half of the year in an attempt to improve long-term goals for our family and myself.

In May, we moved into a new home that's closer to our children's schools (we have three children at three different campuses this year and next year). In November, I began a new job. It's been difficult to manage all the changes, but with a great support system in my husband, friends and our trio of drivers we've hired, I've been able to meet the challenges.

When things got tough in 2021, I didn't back down or surrender. I start this new year encouraged by my resiliency. Therefore, in 2022 I have solid footing, which is something to celebrate after what we've faced the last two years.

This year, I hope to look more inward. Like so many, I want to go to bed earlier, eat healthier, workout with more intentionality and be mindful of my mental health. When life gets hectic or I lose control of the predictability of my schedule (which happens often in a world with COVID), I tend to abandon one or more of these healthier practices. I hope to stay the course in 2022. To focus on myself when things go sideways. It's an act of self-love.

Here's to discovering a healthier version of me in 2022!

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