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Monday Musings: Prepping for Prime Day

Our musings on this Monday aren't deep or dramatic, because we're musing over upcoming Prime shopping! Prime Day is actually two days of Amazon sales that typically feature great deals on tech, Amazon brands, and a variety of other popular items.

We've got a few recommendations if you're making shopping plans, and we're sharing from our lists. Stay tuned on July 11 and 12 when Prime Day takes place, as we'll update our social media feeds with our favorite deals of the days!

First on my list is the Eufy robot vacuum. This device has amazing reviews, and comes at a price tag of less than one professional housecleaning! I'd like it in white, but from what I've read, the sales are better in black typically. You definitely get a much better deal on this device with an Amazon membership!

I'm hoping to score a deal on one of these Kitsch silk pillowcases. I've tried other brands, and this is my favorite. For under $20, this almost guarantees me a good night's sleep, and beauty experts swear by silk for skin and hair.

Years ago, I wrote a whole post about these. They have been my favorite pens for at least five years now! Hoping for a deal on Prime Day.

This skort is a great Lulu dupe. I would say it runs similar to the Lulu sizes, which means I go up a size or two, and the length is somewhere between Lulu's standard and long versions. It's a great deal without a sale, but I will grab additional colors if they drop.

Do you have guests coming this summer? We highly, highly recommend this air mattress!

We've shared these eye masks before, because they're such a favorite of ours. They are often included in Amazon sales and promotions, so keep an "eye" on them if you're interested!

We hope to see many of these featured with special deals on Prime Day! Don't forget that Target and other retailers also jump on board with sales and promotions during the same time frame, so get your lists ready.

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