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Monday Musings: Recovery Week

I've finally caught my breath. No more shopping and baking, and most holiday celebrations are over. This week I'm using a couple days of PTO to focus on relaxation and small projects before we ring in 2023. Most of these tasks involve cleaning and planning with a special focus on laying out details for the new year:

  • finish sorting and purging toys and items in our basement to make way for our new project - a recreational space

  • research and complete travel plans/reservations for our family's spring break vacation to Europe

  • wrap up two books I'm currently reading - I'm not going to meet my reading goal this year but I'll get a little closer if I can finish what's in progress

  • exercise each day and create a workout plan I can easily follow once our family schedule is in full swing in January

  • download apps on my iphone and my new Apple Watch to help with managing my time and goals for the new year, such as MyFitnessPal and Duolingo

I'll try to avoid putting too much pressure on myself to accomplish a lot this next week, but I do want to relax and be productive since 2023 is going to be a busy one for our family!

How are you spending this next week?

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