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Monday Musings: Splurge vs. Scrimp

Which purchases are worth the investment? Which purchases do you find yourself going the thrifty route?

I did an examination of all types of products and purchases I've made recently -- both big and small -- and I've come up with a list I think accurately reflects where I am in my spending on material things.

What will I pay more for?

Skincare and Sunscreen - When it comes to any product my family applies to their skin, I've most often chosen non-toxic, natural products, which usually come with a higher price tag. I feel it's important to protect your skin year-round so this philosophy guides my purchases about 85 percent of the time. Therefore, I don't feel guilty about the splurge.

Shoes - This has definitely creeped up on my list in the last 7-10 years as I I've gotten older and have come to realize that shoe comfort and fit affect so many aspects of joint and muscle health. Several years ago I was professionally fitted for running/tennis shoes and it's one of the best decisions I've made. It's alleviated previous joint stiffness in my knees and back. In addition, I don't hesitate to splurge on dress shoes and flats for the same reasons.

Bras and Undergarments - Ladies, it's time to treat yourself to the best-fitting products for your shape and size. It makes a difference in how you feel and look in your clothes whether it's casual-wear or dressy. Do it!

Mattresses - You sleep on it every night and it will affect how you feel from head to toe the next day. We recently bought a new mattress -- and splurged -- and we're sleeping well. Worth every penny!

Where do I scrimp?

T-shirts - Any cotton t-shirt will do if I'm wearing it to bed or to lounge in. Sure, I'll buy one that's softer if the price is right, but I don't look to invest more money than I deem necessary.

Sunglasses - Listen, I love a great pair of stylish, name brand sunglasses. But, I also like to lose them. After several instances over the years, I now buy affordable UVA protected sunglasses priced round $25. When (not if) I lose them, I won't feel badly. Not worth the splurge!

Books - Hear me out...I love to support authors by buying recently published books, but when I'm looking for a book that's a few years old or a classic, I generally purchase at local used book stores or Amazon for a pre-owned or discounted copy. I also use my local library's borrowing app for a completely free option.

I'd love to know where you splurge and scrimp? I'm always examining what's worth the investment and where I can save!

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