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Monday Musings: Spring Break Staycation

This year we're staying home for spring break. My older children have training for their respective sports so we're making the most of a week in our hometown. I've been working on our spring break fun list and our top items include:

  • Visiting two museums (one is newer and we haven't experienced it yet)

  • Weekday brunching at our favorite cafes

  • Visiting our downtown park to stroll, run, roller skate and/or enjoy the gardens

  • Planting flowers and replenishing our landscape mulch

  • Eating dinner at a fancy restaurant

  • Ice cream run to the best local creamery

  • Family movie night with popcorn and candy

Last year we went to London and Paris, but this year we're eager for a chill week since we'll have a busy and exciting summer full of activities.

What are your spring break plans?

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