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Monday Musings: Spring Fever & Spring Lists

Spring is here! Recently, we've experienced sunny days and climbing temperatures, and as expected, I've caught spring fever! I'm really looking forward to the new season. To celebrate, I've come up with a short list of tasks I want to tackle before June 1.

- Plant Flowers and Replenish Mulch — This one is sometimes a family affair and I'm hoping to start the 1-2 day project next weekend if the weather permits. Our perennials are starting to bloom, and I'm eager to plant annuals in our landscape beds and in the large pots around our house. We have a cove-like area in our backyard that receives partial sun and a lot of moisture, which would be a good location to plant one of my favorite perennials — hydrangea!

- Window Washing — Every window in the house needs a good washing and I'm looking to hire sometime to complete the majority of the work as our two-story house is very tall. The job requires skill and proper equipment, which we do not have. This week I plan to connect with a few businesses to request cost estimates. I'm prepared to pay more than I want to, but it will be worth it.

- New Casual Shoes & Tops — I desperately need a new lightweight shoe. I'd like a cute tennis shoes for casual weekend wear. I'm overwhelmed with the options. Do you have any recommendations with good support ? I also need a few spring t-shirts and button-downs. Unfortunately, I haven't been in the mood to shop for myself, but I need to get on it as my spring wardrobe is lacking.

- Summer Schedule — One of the most stressful responsibilities of the entire year is planning our family's summer. My three children (rising 11th, 8th & 5th graders) have a couple things on the calendar, but I'm still unsure when we are able to travel. We are waiting to hear back on a few opportunities my oldest has in the works before all the pieces fall into place. This is the first summer that I will rely very little on outside help with transportation and childcare. My oldest is now driving and my summer schedule will be flexible to allow for more work-from-home. It's a transitional summer for all of us, and I'm eager to schedule a trip or two before we start the next school year!

Do you have a spring to-do list?

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